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Lips lips lips! More lips! (more…)

Lips lips lips!

Ibai Acevedo photography

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Ibai Acevedo,  Spanish Photographer. Bright. (more…)

Ibai Acevedo Photography

Once again Guinness gives quality video add

New Guinness Commercial


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Jerome Lautre from Toulouse, France shoots some solid landscapes. (more…)

Jerome Lautre photography

guinness halloween

Guinness add strikes again =)

Guinness Halloween

Michael Bodiam

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Michael Bodiam – London based photographer shoots some atmospheric photos. Nightscapes and Anonymous places.  Seems like I’m slightly shifting this blog to photographers, we’ll see how it goes. (more…)

Michael Bodiam Photography

bang bang


guinness 250 anniversary and commercials

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I’ve already wrote about Guinness advertisements, but today is 250 anniversary! Plus I got some more nice adds to show of.  Good things comes to those who wait. (more…)

Guinness 250 anniversary!

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The Long Barn Studio by Nicolas Tye Architects.
Nicolas Tye Architects is an award winning company that creates cool and inspirational architecture. If I would have to create my own studio, I’d go for something close to this one. (more…)

The Long Barn Studio

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The Shwartsz’s house of glass is located in Texas, US. Noting much to say, just watch. I could’ve only add that the furniture looks terribly uncomfortable.


The Schwartz Residence of Glass